A web framework's framework for Node.js
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$ cnpm install egg 
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Born to build better enterprise frameworks and apps

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$ npm install egg --save

Node.js >= 8.0.0 required.


  • ✔︎ Built-in process management
  • ✔︎ Plugin system
  • ✔︎ Framework customization
  • ✔︎ Lots of plugins

Docs & Community

All the documentations (comments, README, etc.) are in English, except the tutorials and api documentations are still being translated. Feel free to join us and translate egg documentations. It's appreciated.

Getting Started

Follow the commands listed below.

$ npm install egg-init -g
$ egg-init --type simple showcase && cd showcase
$ npm install
$ npm run dev
$ open http://localhost:7001


See egg-examples.

How to Contribute

Please let us know how can we help. Do check out issues for bug reports or suggestions first.

To become a contributor, please follow our contributing guide.



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