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$ cnpm install dignified.js 
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Automated JavaScript project management.

Project Structure

The project structure when using this is quite strict, to ease replication and configuration overhead.

All source code should be placed under src, with the main entry point being src/index.js.

All test files should be placed under test. Individual test files should end in .spec.js and setup files for the node and the browser should be test/node.js and test/browser.js respectively.

Your package.json should have the following entries.

"main": "lib/index.js",
"jsnext:main": "src/index.js",
"scripts": {
  "lint": "dignified-lint",
  "release": "dignified-release",
  "build": "dignifed-build",
  "test": "dignified-test",
  "test:node": "dignified-test node",
  "test:browser": "dignified-test browser",
  "coverage": "dignified-coverage"

You should also add babel-runtime to your dependencies as it is required by the babelified version in lib.



Linting uses eslint and standard with some custom rules to enforce some more strictness.

You can run it using

$ dignified-lint
# or as gulp task
$ gulp lint


You can run it using

$ dignified-test
# or as gulp task
$ gulp test

There are also browser and node specific tasks

$ dignified-test node
$ gulp test:node
$ dignified-test browser
$ gulp test:browser


You can run it using

$ dignified-coverage
# or as gulp task
$ gulp coverage


This will build a browser ready version into dist, so after publishing the results will be available under


There is also an ES5 build that will be placed in lib that will be required by default from consumers using require.

You can run it using

$ dignified-build
# or as gulp task
$ gulp build


  1. Run linting
  2. Run tests
  3. Build everything
  4. Bump the version in package.json
  5. Commit the version change
  6. Create a git tag
  7. Run git push to upstream/master
# Major release
$ gulp release major
$ dignified-release major
# Minor relase
$ gulp release minor
$ dignified-release minor
# Patch release
$ gulp release
$ dignified-release

Other Notes

There is a badge.




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