A CLI application that fetches stats from developer sites.
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$ cnpm install devstats 
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A CLI application that fetches stats from developer sites.

devstats is a CLI application written in TypeScript that fetches statistics from developer sites like StackOverflow, WakaTime, and GitHub and displays them nicely.


Install it globally using:

$ npm install -g devstats

Or if you're using Yarn:

$ yarn global add devstats


Add accounts from the supported sites:

$ devstats add

Display your daily report:

$ devstats

Display your daily report and switch between days using your keyboard:

$ devstats -i

Full list of commands

From devstats --help:

Display the daily report for the current day:

$ devstats

Display a summary of the current week:

$ devstats -w or devstats --week

Display a summary of the last <days> days:

$ devstats -d <days> or devstats --days <days>

Switch between days interactively:

$ devstats -i or devstats --interactive

Add an account:

$ devstats add <site> <username/user-id>
$ devstats add github shroudedcode

$ devstats add <url>
$ devstats add

Remove an account:

$ devstats remove <site> <username/user-id>
$ devstats remove stackoverflow 6662225

$ devstats remove <url>
$ devstats remove

Supported sites

This is a list of sites currently supported by devstats. You can add your account using the name in parentheses.

Your favorite site is not on the list? Feel free to add support yourself and open a pull request.


MIT © Niklas Higi

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