Democracy + AZTEC: issuing and trading zero-knowledge assets
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A toolbox for multi-security zero-knowledge issuance and trading with AZTEC and Democracy

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Building blocks for private voting and a decentralized zero-knowledge (hidden price) exchange.

(Try out our command-line demo)[] using our public server.

See our web demo at ([]

We'll upload a screencast showing the step-by-step demo here soon.

Get Started in Local Development

To start developing on your local computer:

git clone 
cd demo-aztec
yarn start:rest
yarn start

Deploy Contracts

Browse to http://localhost:3000 and you'll see some seagreen boxes of all ZkAssetMintable's that you've deployed on the local testnet.

Issue and Mint

To see multi-security issuance and minting in action using your local development environment, perform the following steps

  • Start Ganache: ganache-cli -p 8545 -h -i 2222
  • Run the following commands
NODE_ENV=DEVELOPMENT ./node_modules/.bin/demo-depart
NODE_ENV=DEVELOPMENT ./node_modules/.bin/demo-depart --departFileName departZK.js AAA

You can mint to the hardcoded TEST_ADDRESS_1 in the .env file.

NODE_ENV=DEVELOPMENT ./scripts/mint.js AAA 22

You can also mint to a specific address and public key using the following command-line arguments. The public key should be in AZTEC form, which an extra byte in front to indicate it is a compressed coordinate.

node src/mint.js \
  --tradeSymbol AAA \
  --minteeAddress 0x1051Cd3F5D5f3E097713265732A10677C043CcEA \
  --minteePublicKey 0x04b56dcc4375e855adba8f37a2a9cce64809b3d24d1981daa7c9e3f98316676b06b27a85b889559c09ad442f2636491ceb6930589cee609258df8da29e852a1312 \
  --minteeAmount 22

You can repeat the above with NODE_ENV equal to TEST, RINKEBY, or MAINNET

At the end of the minting process, you'll receive a note hash which identifies the newly minted note. You'll need that in the next step.

Confidential Transfer

You can do a confidential transfer from the hardcoded TEST_ADDRESS_1 to the hardcoded TEST_ADDRESS_2 using the following command, replacing the long hex number and the 22 with the note has you received at the end of the minting process above, and the amount you want to transfer in encrypted tokens.

NODE_ENV=DEVELOPMENT ./scripts/cx.js AAA 0xb22df01622b30138138b4b96589294301eea6484beb63018c42105a4fcd45349 22


By default, we've committed a test Ethereum account in the file db/keys/2222/0x1051Cd3F5D5f3E097713265732A10677C043CcEA.

You can also use your own Ethereum account (address and password) created with Democracy tools (to be documented soon). Simply substitute the following lines in your .env file.


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