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Demio PHP application


Fast Overview

Application working address -

Server OS

Backend technologies stack

Frontend built with:

Development Environment

Using docker and docker-compose for building localhost environment and development. You can find detailed instructions below in Developer Installation Guide section.

Developer Installation Guide

Clone git repo

git clone

Install docker engine on your localhost (

Run in application directory:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Update /etc/hosts file. Add next line my.demio.loc

Connect to docker container:

docker exec -it demio bash

Install composer dependencies

composer install

Install yarn dependencies

yarn install

Install bower and webpack globally

yarn global add bower webpack

Install bower dependencies

bower install --allow-root

Start webpack

yarn dev

Now you can exit from docker container by exit command.

Set write permissions to directories

sudo chmod -R a+w cache
sudo chmod -R a+w data/logs

Copy config/.env.example to config/.env:

cp config/.env.example config/.env

Open phpMyAdmin http://localhost:10820/index.php (look at phpMyAdmin section below) and import DB dump file data/dump/demio.sql to demio database

Update your database dump with migrations. Connect to docker container again

docker exec -it demio bash

Execute DB migrations

php phinx migrate

Check user dashboard

Open in your browser http://my.demio.loc:8000

Demio dashboard credentials:

pass: Demio4life!

Release Environment

For Release environment use -f param while building docker-compose

docker-compose -f docker-compose-release.yml build
docker-compose -f docker-compose-release.yml up -d



server: mysql
user: root
pass: 111

Beanstalkd Console



Used tool.
Deployer installation:

Localhost deployment

Connect to docker container

docker exec -it demio bash


dep update local

This operation will update composer, bower and yarn, then compile assets via webpack.

Staging deployment

Now you don't have to connect to docker container. Just run in the app directory

dep deploy staging

Production deployment

Next command will deploy application to all Production servers in PHP-cluster

dep deploy production

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