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$ cnpm install datasole 
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Datasole, or data console, is a fast prototyping tool for realtime, full-stack Javascript web applications. Datasole handles the plumbing of keeping a server Javascript application in sync with many client Javascript applications, which includes:

  • Bundle client application using Webpack.
  • Serve client bundle in development (hot module replacement) and production (static build) mode.
  • Start and supervise the server application.
  • Allow the server application to mutate a shared model, and propagate these mutations to all connected clients.
  • Allow clients to trigger RPC-style actions in the server application, which can mutate the shared state.

Datasole is based on (and abstracts): Webpack, Express, and WebSockets (via the ws library).

Datasole works well with frontend frameworks that support reacting to mutations on a shared data model, such as Vue.

The following features are supported when developing a Datasole application:

  • Server application restart on source file changes
  • Asset bundling via Webpack, with hot module reloading
  • Templating languages: Pug, HTML
  • Stylesheet languages: CSS, Sass (SCSS), LessCSS
  • Image formats: SVG, GIF, PNG, JPG, ICO
  • .vue single-file Vue.js components.


npm install -g datasole

Datasole can also be used as a library without -g.


Help for each option: -h or --help


Start a new project by running datasole init in an empty directory.


Start a development webserver: datasole dev


Build a production version of the frontend: datasole build


Serve a production version of the frontend: datasole run (requires datasole build first)


The following environment variables affect Datasole's behavior.

Environment variable Default Description
DATASOLE_LOG_OUTPUT_PATH Path to write logs to, or stdout if blank
DATASOLE_LOG_FORMAT text text or json
DATASOLE_LOG_LEVEL_SYS info Datasole runtime logging level
DATASOLE_LOG_LEVEL_APP info User application logging level
DISABLE_COLORS false Strip ANSI color codes from log messages

The following logging levels are supported:

  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error

Example projects

See the datasole-examples repository.

Package maintainer notes

  • Webpack is not in devDependencies because recursive devDependencies are not currently installed by npm, and Webpack is required for developing the client and server components of any project. In the future, Webpack and other large dev dependencies can be moved to devDependencies by requiring a global npm install of datasole for development.

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