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$ cnpm install daosmind 
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_Prtcl resources: Overview, Spec, Dev guide, API reference

This daos mind package is opinionated for alchemy, it allow us to load all the modules we need to run the wikis funcionality


This module depends on @uprtl/wikis, @uprtl/documents, @uprtl/evees, @uprtcl/micro-orchestrator, @uprtcl/cortex, @uprtl/lenses, @uprtl/common and @uprtcl/connections. It also depends on a redux module to be present.


npm install @dorgtech/daoswiki


Import the module and call the .Instance method, this class is a singleton to make sure it is instanciated just once:

import { WikiContainer } from '@dorgtech/daosmind';


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