A croc of 💩 that works around issues with styled omponents renderin is production mode
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$ cnpm install croc-of 
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A croc of ???? that works around current issues with styled-components rendering is production mode.

Enables snapshots to be taken of pages at build time.

Does so by bundling code with parcel, running a dev server, saving the files, then rebuilding all over again in prod mode, cause you know its 2018 and thats the state of the web


Just probably dont.

I threw this together with lots of copy pasting and not a care for anything other than the output.

Hopefully will only be using it for a couple weeks...

If you must put a croc.js file in your root to match the config and give it some routes.

Then just call croc

Each route hit will be saved in all its styled glory in the dist folder as route + '/index.html'

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