All components for the coupon apps. You can view [all Components](
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$ cnpm install coupon-components 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

Coupon components

All components for the coupon apps. You can view all Components

We are using postcss-modules-values and PostCss Next

Storybook Docs: Storybook and knobs

Install and Use

  • yarn add -S coupon-components
  • Import styles in the root App import 'coupon-components/build/css/styles.css'
  • import { Button } from 'coupon-components'

Dev Environment

  • install with yarn
  • run dev environment yarn storybook

Build and Publish package

  • yarn build to transpile and compile for publish package
  • change the version of new package
  • npm publish

Build Documentation

  • yarn build-docs for compile and publish stoybook in github project

How to Publish

  • npm run build && npm run build-docs
  • npm version patch if is a fix | npm version minor if is a new component | npm version major if is a new release with diferent issues
  • npm publish

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