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This npm module helps generate a single html page from a set of markdown files, images and plantuml documents.

How to use

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Features are best explored by looking into the documentation.


You have to install pandoc:

Install Graphviz for UML diagrams via plantuml

For PDF generation install wkhtmltopdf.

How to integrate

to start the generation:


The options available are as follows:

property default description
targetPath {cwd}/dist path to folder where the generated html is put
source {cwd}/src path to folder containing the markdown files
template - path to main handlebars template
targetHtml {cwd}/dist/index.html html file
title Documentation title of documentation
description .. description displayed below title
pdf false render html for conversion to pdf
pdfDownload false add a download link to 'index.pdf'
description .. description displayed below title
maxCommits - number of git commits to be displayed in history
headerColor #fff color of title
headerBgColor #563d7c color of header
headerDescriptionColor #cdbfe3 color of description


To render a pdf version use wkhtmltopdf (>0.12.4 with patched qt) which renders proper links and table of content

wkhtmltopdf --page-size A4 --viewport-size 1024x768 --disable-smart-shrinking --zoom 5.5 --outline dist/pdf.html dist/index.pdf



This software includes the awesome plantuml library (MIT license) from


Modified bits and pieces from node-plantuml) are included in this software.

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