An opinionated Gulp build pipeline for AngularJS apps
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Corballis Gulp Build System

An opinionated Gulp build pipeline for AngularJS apps.


  • Linting, concatenation, uglification, sourcemaps for all prod files
  • Development and production environments
  • A development server that can serve either environment
  • Watch tasks for both environments
  • Live-reload capability — web page is auto-refreshed on change
  • HTML minifier
  • Sass processing
  • CSS optimizer
  • Auto prepare Bootstrap / Font Awesome fonts for production builds
  • Image minification
  • NgAnnotate integration
  • Auto sort JS files and inject them into the html files
  • Partials can be pre-loaded into the angular template cache
  • Karma unit test runner (with coverage report)
  • Plato static analysis report
  • Protractor end-to-end test runner
  • Task for bumping project version

Quick Start

Install the prerequisites listed on the following sites (Python and Visual Studio):

Install gulp:

npm install gulp -g

Install bower:

npm install bower -g

Install corballis-build:

npm install corballis-build --save-dev

Create a gulpfile.js in your project's root:


Add the following snippets to your index.html:


    <!-- build:css({.tmp/serve,app}) styles/vendor.css -->
    <!-- bower:css -->
    <!-- endbower -->
    <!-- endbuild -->

    <!-- build:css({.tmp/serve,app}) styles/app.css -->
    <!-- inject:css -->
    <!-- endinject -->
    <!-- endbuild -->



    <!-- build:js(app) scripts/vendor.js -->
    <!-- bower:js -->
    <!-- endbower -->
    <!-- endbuild -->

    <!-- build:js({.tmp/serve,.tmp/partials,app}) scripts/app.js -->
    <!-- inject:js -->
    <!-- endinject -->

    <!-- inject:partials -->
    <!-- endinject -->
    <!-- endbuild -->


Gulp Tasks


If you just execute gulp in your project's root, it executes a complete build. The complete build executes the following tasks:

  • clean
  • scripts
  • styles
  • partials
  • fonts
  • image-revisions
  • import-translations-from-bower
  • translation-revisions
  • plato
  • inject
  • html
  • other
  • rev-replace-dist
  • build
  • test-nodep

Code Analysis

  • gulp scripts

    Performs static code analysis on all javascript files. Runs jshint.

  • gulp plato

    Performs code analysis using plato on all javascript files. Plato generates a report in the reports folder.


  • gulp serve:e2e

    Starts a node server that can be used to run end-to-end tests. Injects any changes on the fly.

  • gulp serve:e2e-single

    Same as the previous task, but does not leave the server running. It is only intended to be used for single runs (CI builds).

  • gulp serve:e2e-dist

    Starts a node server in production mode that can be used to run end-to-end tests.

  • gulp test

    Runs all unit tests using karma runner.

  • gulp test:auto

    Runs a watch to run all unit tests.

  • gulp test:nodep

    Runs all unit tests using karma runner. It is only intended to be used by the build task where we do not want to have a dependency on other tasks.

  • gulp webdriver:update

    Updates the Selenium webdriver to the latest version.

  • gulp webdriver:standalone

    Starts a standalone Selenium server.

  • gulp e2e

    Single run of the end-to-end tests in the development environment.

  • gulp e2e:serve

    Same as the previous task, but leaves the server running and it updates the webdriver before the server start up.

  • gulp e2e:single

    This is an alias for the e2e task.

  • gulp e2e:dist

    Single run of the end-to-end test in the production environment. It also updates the webdriver before the server start up.

Cleaning Up

  • gulp clean

    Remove all files from the build and temp folders.

Fonts, Images, Translations

  • gulp fonts

    Copy all fonts from the bower libraries to the fonts folder in the dist folder.

  • gulp image-revisions

    Runs imagemin on all images and copies the revisioned files to the dist folder.

  • gulp import-translations-from-bower

    Merge translation files found in bower components with the application's translations files. We assume that all translation files in bower components have a suffix of .lang.json and that they are listed in the bower components main section.

  • gulp translation-revisions

    Revisions translation files to the dist folder.

  • gulp rev-replace-dist

    Replaces references to images and translation files in all files with their revisioned versions.


  • gulp styles

    Import all scss files into the index sass file, compile sass files to CSS, add vendor prefixes, create source maps.

HTMLs and Injection

  • gulp html

    Invokes the inject and partials tasks and performs some additional optimization on the files: ngAnnotate, uglifying, minification, CSSO, revisioning, preparing fonts from Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

  • gulp inject

    Looks up all bower components' main files and JavaScript source code, then adds them to the root html files. This includes CSS and Javascript files from bower components and the application Javascript sources. It can optionally inject the Angular template cache module if it is enabled. This task also prepares a karma configuration file that can be used for unit testing.

  • gulp partials

    Creates an Angular module that adds all HTML templates to Angular's $templateCache. This pre-fetches all HTML templates saving XHR calls for the HTML.


  • gulp serve

    Serves the development code and launches it in a browser. The goal of building for development is to do it as fast as possible, to keep development moving efficiently. This task serves all code from the source folders and compiles sass to css in a temp folder. Reloads the browser on the fly if changes are detected.

  • gulp serve:dist

    Serve the optimized code from the build folder and launch it in a browser.

Building Production Code

  • gulp build

    Optimize all javascript and styles, move to a build folder, and inject them into the new index.html. Copies all fonts and images to build the production code to the build folder.

  • gulp other

    Copies all remaining files that have not been processed by other tasks to the dist folder.

Version Management

  • gulp bump

    Bump the version

    • --type=pre will bump the prerelease version ..*-x
    • --type=patch or no flag will bump the patch version ..x
    • --type=minor will bump the minor version .x.
    • --type=major will bump the major version x..
    • --version=1.2.3 will bump to a specific version and ignore other flags


You can configure certain aspects of the build pipeline by passing in an overrides object:

  scssOrder: {
    after: ['styles/unicorn.scss', 'styles/unicorn.grey.scss', 'styles/reports.scss']

For a full list of the available options please refer to config.js

Maven Integration

Below is a sample of how to integrate the Gulp build into your Maven build. The sample below assumes a Spring Boot application, but it can be easily adjusted for other server application types.

    	<!-- Location of your client project relative to this POM -->
            <id>install node and npm</id>
            <id>npm install</id>
            <id>bower install</id>
            <id>npm rebuild node-sass</id>
                <arguments>rebuild node-sass</arguments>
            <id>gulp build</id>

            	<!-- Location of your dist folder in the client project -->

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