shrinkwrapper for component 1.1.x

WARNING: This package is deprecated. It relates to the deprecated project componentjs/component; see
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$ cnpm install component-shrinkwrap 
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shrinkwrapper for component 1.1.x

Lock down component dependency versions

This tool can be used like the npm shrinkwrap tool.


npm install component-shrinkwrap

Usage CLI

write shrinkwrap

component-shrinkwrap --save --in components --out compoennt-shrinkwrap.json`

install from shrinkwrap

component-shrinkwrap --install --in component-shrinkwrap.json --out components` 

you can omit the --in and --out args in this case, because it's the default

Usage API

var shrinkwrap = require('component-shrinkwrap');, cb);
shrinkwrap.install(options, cb);, cb)

options.out: if this property is null, the result will not be written to a file

cb(err, result): result is only available if options.out is null

shrinkwrap.install(options, cb)

Example workflow

  1. install your components via component CLI oder component resolver
  2. locate the directory where all the remote components are installed, in this case: components
  3. run component-shrinkwrap --save --in components --out compoennt-shrinkwrap.json
  4. component-shrinkwrap-json file contains all your remote dependencies, even transitive and components with multiple versions
  5. run component-shrikwrap --install --in component-shrinkwrap.json --out components-deshrinkwrapped
  6. you get installed all the components from the shrinkwrap file

strict mode


The strict mode is only supported with component >= 1.1.x. If you're using the API you need

  • component-resolver >= 1.3.x
  • component-remotes >= 1.2.x
  • component-downloader >= 1.2.x

You can enable the script mode by using the arg --strict.


The srict mode is neccessary if some components using a branch instead of version. Sometimes you see dependencies like master or my-hacky-branch.

In this case you may get a different version after some time if you reinstall the component. component-shrinkwrap will enable the strict mode automatically if the version is invalid semver and use the commit hash instead for installing components.


You can enforce the strict mode for all versions, even if they are valid semvers. In some fancy cases this can make sense, because versions on GitHub can be delted and re-created with a different hash.


In strict mode component install the components into USER/REPO/COMMIT-HASH. The shrinkwrap rename the COMMIT-HASH directory into the origin reference, wich is either a semver or the branch.

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