Convert `command-line-usage` JSON or JavaScript ESM into HTML or SVG files
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$ cnpm install command-line-publish 
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Tool to convert command-line-args/command-line-usage JSON arrays to SVG or HTML.


npm install -D command-line-publish

CLI Usage

command-line-publish <args>


clp --format=html --output="cli.html" --config="jsWithSectionsExport.js"
clp --format=svg --output="cli.svg" --config="jsonWithSectionsProperty.json"

And here is the documentation generated by our use of command-line-publish on itself.

First as HTML:

And then as embeddable SVG (not copy-pasteable from Github, but it is if you visit the file directly):


After using the commands to generate, you can:

  • Link to the HTML, e.g., as we did above: [cli.html](
  • Embed the SVG, e.g., as we did above: [![cli.svg](](cli.svg)

Note that we have configured this repository's master branch to have its contents served from Github Pages.

Programmatic usage

const {html, svg} = require('command-line-publish');

// This JavaScript (or JSON) file must export a `sections` property,
//  and for easier reusability, it is recommended that ths same file
//  define a `definitions` property for use by `command-line-args`
const {sections} = require('./path/to/config-file.js');

// The options objects are optional
svg(sections, {target: 'cli.svg', ansiToSvgOptions: {}});
html(sections, {target: 'cli.html', ansiToHtmlOptions: {}});

Here is a sampling of our own config file:

'use strict';

const pkg = require('../package.json');

const optionDefinitions = [
    name: 'target', alias: 't', type: String, defaultOption: true,
    description: 'The file path target to which to write the result',
    typeLabel: '{underline file-path}'
  // ... snipped
    name: 'help', alias: 'h', type: Boolean,
    description: 'Display this help guide'

const cliSections = [
    // We're now actually letting `command-line-basics auto-generate the
    //  `header` now
    // Add italics: `{italic textToItalicize}`
    content: pkg.description +
      '\n\n{italic clp -c="configPath" [--format=svg|html] target}'
    // We're now actually letting `command-line-basics auto-generate the
    //  `header` now
    header: 'Options',
    optionList: optionDefinitions

exports.definitions = optionDefinitions;
exports.sections = cliSections;

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