An application for managing you snippets of code.
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$ cnpm install code-cards 
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Host your code examples in one centralized place and share it with your team.


$ npm install -g code-cards


$ code-cards start

You can then open your browser and fo to http://localhost:5555/.

For managing your cards through the API these methods are availables :

  • GET /api/cards[?tags=tag1,tag2,tag3,...] : gets all the cards filtered by tags.
  • POST /api/cards : creates a new card
  • POST /api/cards/:id : updates a specific card
  • GET /api/cards/:id : gets a specific card
  • DELETE /api/cards/:id : deletes a specific card

Why ?

There's plenties of other solutions like Github's gists, but I wanted a private place for me and my team members ... but the main purpose of this project was to try out new frameworks :

In addition to the frameworks I already love :

  • Koa : a modern middleware for node using generators
  • commander.js : a command-line interface helper

Roadmap / ideas

  • Add tag auto-completion
  • Add pagination
  • Add user authentication and rights
  • Add compatibility with MongoDB for larger scale usage
  • Document source code
  • Create IDE plugins
  • Clean source code

Copyright and license

MIT © Aloïs Deniel

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