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$ cnpm install co-request 
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Simple wrapper to the request library for co-like interface (node.js generator based code). You can use it with koa or co

To install simply run:

npm install co-request

Require co first, also it will work on node v0.11.7 and newest only.

You must run node with --harmony flag (--harmony-generators as well)

node --harmony simple.js

Simple example:

"use strict";

let co = require("co");
let request = require("co-request");

co(function* () {
  // You can also pass options object, see docs
    let result = yield request(""); 
    let response = result;
    let body = result.body;

    console.log("Response: ", response);
    console.log("Body: ", body);
}).catch(function (err) {

POST example:

"use strict";

co(function* () {
    let result = yield request({
        uri: "",
        method: "POST"

To pipe request you should use small helper (thanks to greim):

function pipeRequest(readable, requestThunk){
  return function(cb){

//..and then:

  var value = yield pipeRequest(this.req, request({...}));

All methods of request listed in Request docs


Thanks for Tj's Co library

Thanks for Mikeal's Request library

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