plugin-based client hooks management
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$ cnpm install client-hooks 
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Brief Introduction


client-hooks is a plugin-based client hooks management.

  • High performance: client-hooks introduce competition meachanism. parallel execution plugin, once any of plugin error occurred, immediately locate the problem.

  • Automation: no manulal run command. configuration tasks will be automation executed by git.

  • Plugin-based: client-hooks merely provides a core mechanism. you can expand its functionality in the form of custome plugins.

  • Simple: through plugin encapsulate complex logic inside. for git repository manager, only need care current repository what features are required.

Getting Started


  • The installation directory need is a git repository.
  • Current system install Git (version >= 2.9.0).
  • Current system install Node (version >= 6.3.1).

Basci Installation

npm install --save-dev client-hooks


Special thanks to the generous sponsorship by:

support the completion of the project team can not be separated.



client-hooks is released under MIT License.

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