Run chutzpah test cases in watch mode
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$ cnpm install chutzpah 
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Welcome to Chutzpah-Watch

[![NPM version][npm-image]][npm-url] [![NPM downloads][downloads-image]][downloads-url] chutzpah-watch cli will run tests cases in watch mode. Whenever there is change in file it will run tests against it.


npm install chutzpah-watch -g



Create Chutzpah-Watch.json file in your code base and then run below script.

 # Execute a script as: 
 chutzpah watch --config chutzpah-watch.json

Once you run script, it will show below message:

Watching all of the tests.ts files under below directories: ['dir1','dir2'...] Now if you change any test file and save, it will run the test automatically and display the result.


JSON file with all of the parameters required to configure runing test in watch mode. Below is one sample for chutzpha-watch.json file. Supported CLI options can be found from Chutzpah Command Line Option

    "watchConfig": {
        "recursive": true,
        "filter": "(.tests|.spec).ts$"
    "cliOptions": [
        "openInBrowser chrome"
    "exePath": "C:/temp/Chutzpah.4.3.3/tools",
    "dirsToSkip": [


Chutzpah needs to be installed please refer to CHUTZPAH OFFICIAL PAGE to download chutzpah at your desk. You can pass the chutzpah exe path in Chutzpah-Watch.json

How It Works

It scans the directory and filter outs the files based on the configurations given. Starts watching the changes on those files and whenever change detected then it executes chutzpah.console.exe /path changedfile.spec.ts

Please check Chutzpah Command Line Option already has flags which we can pass to run chutzpah in command line.

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