Transfer chat messages from ChatWork to Slack
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$ cnpm install chatwork-to-slack 
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Transfer chat messages from ChatWork to Slack

Why ???

  • ChatWork is not user friendly (especially for engineers)
  • I don't wish to launch many chat tools
  • I want to read chat message only from Slack

Getting started

chatwork-to-slack requires Node v6.0.0 or later.

$ node -v

$ npm i -g chatwork-to-slack

To start chatwork-to-slack, you need to install and launch MongoDB.

$ chatwork-to-slack \
   --chatwork-room-id=12345 \
   --chatwork-api-token=YOUR_CHATWORK_API_TOKEN \
   --slack-webhook-url=YOUR_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL \
   --slack-channel=CHANNEL_NAME \

The command is not deamonized. You can use chatwork-to-slack along with Cron.


If you want to run test in local computer, you should launch MongoDB.

$ npm test


  • Emilia (example on OpenShift)

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