Javascript libraries for neo wallet using as the original source.
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$ cnpm install chainline-js 
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Chain Line

Get anything to anywhere, powered by the blockchain. Chain Line uses a network of untrusted peers to get products and valuable items to their destinations with near-zero risk.

Behind Chain Line is a bold vision: to introduce a modern peer-to-peer courier platform to address the needs of shipping companies and individuals alike, powered entirely by a smart contract.

It works by re-assigning an item's cost between peers as it travels through the system. A central "hub" contract controls "reserved funds" in Chain Line user wallets running custom verification scripts. Chain Line features a user reputation system and relies on no external "oracle" systems, operating entirely on the blockchain.

This is a modified version of the Neon Wallet JS SDK for the Chain Line web app.

Quick Start

Take a look at the tests to find examples for all API functions.


To run tests

npm run test

To build to /dist:

npm run build

To import

npm install --save git+

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