Start building a Preact Progressive Web App in seconds.
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$ cnpm install carable-preact-cli 
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Start building a Preact Progressive Web App in seconds ????


  • 100/100 Lighthouse score, right out of the box (proof)
  • Fully automatic code splitting for routes
  • Transparently code-split any component with an async! prefix
  • Auto-generated Service Workers for offline caching powered by sw-precache
  • PRPL pattern support for efficient loading
  • Zero-configuration pre-rendering / server-side rendering hydration
  • Support for CSS Modules, LESS & autoprefixer
  • Monitor your bundle/chunk sizes with built-in tracking
  • Automatic app mounting, debug helpers & Hot Module Replacement
  • In just 4.5kb you get a productive environment:


preact create your-app-name: create a new app

preact build: build an app

preact watch: start a dev server


# once and you're good:
npm i -g preact-cli

# create a new project:
preact create my-great-app
cd my-great-app

# start a live-reload/HMR dev server:
npm start

# go to production:
npm run build

CLI Options

$ preact create

  --name      directory and package name for the new app
  --dest      Directory to create the app within                  [default: <name>]
  --type      A project template to start from
              [Options: "default", "root", "simple", "empty"]     [default: "default"]
  --less      Pre-install LESS support                 [boolean]  [default: false]
  --sass      Pre-install SASS/SCSS support            [boolean]  [default: false]

$ preact build

  --src             Entry file (index.js)                         [default: "src"]
  --dest            Directory root for output                     [default: "build"]
  --production, -p  Create a minified production build.           [default: true]
  --less, -l        Build and compile LESS files                  [default: false]
  --sass, -s        Build and compile SASS files                  [default: false]
  --prerender       Pre-render static app content.                [default: true]
  --clean           Clear output directory before building.       [default: true]
  --json            Generate build statistics for analysis.       [default: false]

$ preact watch

  --src        Entry file (index.js)                              [default: "src"]
  --port, -p   Port to start a server on                          [default: "8080"]
  --host                                              [boolean]   [default: ""]
  --prerender  Pre-render static app content on initial build     [default: false]

$ preact serve

  --dir       Directory root to serve static files from.          [default: "build"]
  --cwd       The working directory in which to spawn a server.   [default: .]
  --server    Which server to run, or "config" to produce a firebase config.      	
  	      [options: "simplehttp2server", "superstatic", "config"] [default:"simplehttp2server"]
  --dest      Directory or filename where firebase.json should be written
              (used for --server config)                          [default: -]
  --port, -p  Port to start a server on                           [default: "8080"]


# create a production build:
npm run build

# generate configuration in Firebase Hosting format:
npm run serve -- --server config

# Copy your static files to a server!

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