Automates plotting for BURST coin
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$ cnpm install burst-autoplotter -g
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Automates plotting for BURST coin


  • CLI-based UI for simple interaction
  • Split large plots in smaller plots
  • Comprehensive progress indicator
  • Caches relevant information, like Account ID, and last written nonces
  • Allows CPU and RAM selection
  • Creates optimized plots (XPlotter)

Currently, the plotter works only! on Windows



The Autoplotter is based on nodejs (>= Version 6), so - if not already installed - you need to install NodeJS first. Once installed simply call

npm i -g burst-autoplotter

Afterwards, you just need to call autoplot in the console.

You need to run as administrator

Extended Mode

Since 0.0.9 there's is an extended mode, which allows you to set advanced settings like Threads and Memory.

To plot in extended mode you just need to call autoplot -e.

Plot Automation?

Before you can start with BURST mining you need to prepare your hard drive. This process is called Plotting. While plotting your disks will be filled with so called nonces, kind of pre-calculated values, which will be read while mining. The creation of a plot is a quite time consuming process. Furthermore, you need to be sure that your plots won't overlap, that is nonce range won't overlap. The Autoplotter takes entirely care of this. You simply define the size and number of plots and the rest is done automatically. That way, plotting become very easy.


This tool uses XPlotter.

Thanks to Blago, Cerr Janro, and DCCT

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