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$ cnpm install bundle-cli 
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This CLI simplify the development of packages or applications, thanks to the use of rollup, adding to this:

Observers of files (html, js and css) based on expressions, for the generation of inputs to work by rollup, eg:

bundle src/*.html,src/*.js,src/css/*.css

construction of html files, which share chunk type dependencies of the js imported by the tag script[type=module] locally, eg:


<script src="./a.js" type="module"></script>
<script src="./a.js" type="module"></script>


<script src="./index.js" type="module"></script>

construction of css files when declared as input, if not declared as input, it will return the css as text processed by postcss, eg:

import style "./style.css";
console.log(style) //content of style.css, ideal for web-components

the alRule import are grouped in the export file

default settings

bundle-cli, makes use of the following plugin:

**rollup-plugin-resolve **: allows to maintain a node.js style import

rollup-plugin-babel: supports its configuration from the package.json by reading from this babel.presets andbabel.plugins, by default it attaches, @babel/preset-env and @babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx with pagma h.

postcss: bundle-cli, only supports css, but to enhance its use, add postcss-preset-env andcssnano by default.

rollup-plugin-terser and @atomico/rollup-plugin-sizes

los plugins de mitificación solo operan en modo build.


    $ bundle [src] [dest] [options]

    -w, --watch       Watch files in bundle and rebuild on changes  (default false)
    -e, --external    Does not include dependencies in the bundle  (default false)
    --shimport        enable the use of shimport in the html  (default false)
    --browsers        define the target of the bundle  (default last 2 versions)
    -v, --version     Displays current version
    -h, --help        Displays this message

    $ bundle src/index.js dist --watch
    $ bundle src/*.js dist
    $ bundle src/*.html
    $ bundle

Use example

Simple export of web-components and preview of this.

project directory


bundle-cli for preview

bundle src/index.html public -w

web-components export bundle

bundle src/web-components/**/*.js --external

--external allows rollup to ignore dependencies and peerDependencies.


  • [ ] read from the html the styles used locally and generate a bundle that groups them to be then grafted into the html
  • [ ] add tests on the cli, to verify bundle integration.
  • [ ] minificar el html generado
  • [ ] add support to a server that supports the issuance of updates, can be activated under the prefix --server
  • [ ] add shortcut to unpkg shortcut to simplify import, eg import anyModule from "unpkg.com/any-module", this must change the amount if defined as external, eg import anyModule from "https://unpkg.com/any-module/any-module.es.js"

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