boombox-audiosprite is audio sprite generator that has compatibility with boombox.js.
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$ cnpm install boombox-audiosprite 
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boombox-audiosprite is audio sprite generator that has compatibility with boombox.js.

About (en)

This command wraps the tonistiigi/audiosprite.

This command converts to a JSON file corresponded to boombox.js from output JSON file using tonistiigi/audiosprite.

boombox-audiosprite will not process the original sound data generated by tonistiigi/audiosprite.

In addition to, refer to of tonistiigi/audiosprite

About (ja)

boombox-audiosprite は、tonistiigi/audiosprite コマンドをラップしたコマンドです。

tonistiigi/audiospriteが出力したJSONファイルを、boombox.js に対応したJSONに変換します。

tonistiigi/audiosprite で生成されたサウンドデータは、boombox-audiosprite で加工されることはありません。

合わせて、tonistiigi/audiosprite の も参照ください。

Dependent command


$ which ffmpeg
$ which audiosprite


$ npm install -g boombox-audiosprite


$ npm test


$ cd /Users/fkei/boombox.js/spec/media
$ boombox-audiosprite -e ac3,caf,mp3,m4a *.wav

audiosprite( wrapper for boombox.js :)

util.pump() is deprecated. Use readableStream.pipe() instead.
info: File added OK file=/var/folders/2g/gb26mb5111zf89jr1dp818240000gp/T/audiosprite.04611885884873569, duration=11.981519274322417
info: Silence gap added duration=1.0184807256235828
info: Exported ac3 OK file=output.ac3
info: Exported mp3 OK file=output.mp3
info: Exported m4a OK file=output.m4a
info: Exported json OK file=output.json
info: All done

>>> Output audio files: /Users/fkei/boombox.js/spec/media
<<< Original json file for audiosprite: /Users/fkei/boombox.js/spec/media/output.json
>>> Processed json file for boombox.js: /Users/fkei/boombox.js/spec/media/boombox-output.json

[ Success ] Goodbye :p

Command line help

$ boombox-audiosprite --help

audiosprite( wrapper for boombox.js :)

info: Usage: audiosprite [options] file1.mp3 file2.mp3 *.wav
info: Options:
  --output, -o      Name for the output file.                                    [default: "output"]
  --export, -e      Limit exported file types. Comma separated extension list.   [default: ""]
  --log, -l         Log level (debug, info, notice, warning, error).             [default: "info"]
  --autoplay, -a    Autoplay sprite name                                         [default: null]
  --silence, -s     Add special "silence" track with specified duration.         [default: 0]
  --samplerate, -r  Sample rate.                                                 [default: 44100]
  --channels, -c    Number of channels (1=mono, 2=stereo).                       [default: 1]
  --rawparts, -p    Include raw slices(for Web Audio API) in specified formats.  [default: ""]
  --help, -h        Show this help message.


The MIT License (MIT)

@see : LICENSE

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