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Bloom Context Forms

A context-only alternative to bloom-forms. No Redux here.

What is this?

Bloom-Context-Forms provides a FormHandler wrapper that manages your internal form state inside React 16's context. All updates, validation, and other hooks are available through connecting your component to the specific Context it consumes.

Suggested Use

It's suggested to use this package to manage your form state and validation, and use the Bloom Inputs package for accessible, stylable inputs.


  • Standardized form value updates, regardless of input type.
  • Integrates seamlessly with bloom-starter and bloom-inputs.
  • Fully customizable validation. Works through the <FormHandler> and independently.
  • Tracks any fields passed into fieldNames. Allows fully custom inputs without any special wrappers around each of them.
  • Smaller size than bloom-forms. Does not depend on Redux.

Why use Bloom Context Forms?

  • Built-in state management
  • Built-in error handling
  • Built-in form population
  • Built-in accessibility
  • All field values and errors available through Context
  • Unopinionated about contents
  • Slim size
  • Only dependency is React 16, but values are available anywhere (by default, they are Read Only outside of the form they belong to)


  • connectForm (function)
  • FormHandler
  • getCurrentContext (function)
  • validator

README Contents:


FormContext and its helper methods

<FormHandler /> Wrapper

What Props are passed down to child inputs?

Validation & Error Handling


To use this package, you can install with either npm or yarn.

npm install bloom-context-forms --save


yarn add bloom-context-forms

To import the files/components in this package, import like:

import { FormHandler, getCurrentContext } from 'bloom-context-forms';


Fork this repo, and submit any changes as a PR to master. Accepted PRs will be merged and published to npm.

Basic Usage

Container Component:

import { FormHandler } from 'bloom-context-forms';
import LoginForm from './login-form';

class LoginFormContainer extends React.Component {
  submitForm = async (formData, files, successCallback, failCallback) => {
    // submit formData and files

  validationHelp = {
    dictionary: {
      'must-equal-bloop': testData =>
        testData !== 'bloop' ? 'Sorry, this field has to be "bloop."' : null

  render() {
    const fieldNames = ['username', 'password'];

    return (
        <LoginForm />

The above component can be written in the renderProps style like so:

// same as above


  render() {
    const fieldNames = ['username', 'password'];

    return (
        {formHandlerProps => <LoginForm { ...formHandlerProps } />}

This can be useful when you need to access the props passed down to children directly your Container's render method.

Form component:

import { connectForm } from 'bloom-context-forms';

const LoginForm = () => { ... };

export default connectForm(LoginForm);

Why Two Files?

The distinction between container and presentational component is to separate state and data-calling functionality from markup.

Container: Connects the component to the form context state; Submits data to the API; Updates state as needed Presentation Component: Uses functionality passed down from parent containers; Focus is purely presentational / view layer

If you don't want to use this method, use the renderProps example above to access your needed methods directly on rendering.

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