Spawn a Bitcoin Core node
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$ cnpm install bitcoind 
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Run a Bitcoin Core full node from Node.js.

On install, this package downloads a prebuilt binary from the official Bitcoin Core releases, and checks it against a known SHA256 hash.


npm install bitcoind

let bitcoind = require('bitcoind')

// start the full node
let node = bitcoind({
  // options are turned into CLI args
  testnet: true,
  rpcport: 12345

// returns handle to child process

// comes with initialized rpc client


Spawns a Bitcoin Core full node.

Returns a ChildProcess object representing the bitcoind process. It has an rpc property which is a client for the node's RPC server (from the bitcoin-core package).

opts may be an object containing options passed to bitcoind as CLI arguments (you may use any flag supported by bitcoind). To see all supported options, run npx bitcoind --help.


Installing the package also exposes a bitcoind command, so you can use this as an easy way to install bitcoin:

$ npm i -g bitcoind
$ bitcoind -version

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