A command-line tool for creating snippets via the Bitbucket REST API.
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$ cnpm install bitbucket-snippet 
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Bitbucket Snippet

CLI tool for publishing a local file as a Bitbucket Snippet.

You may enjoy this article on how this tool was built.


 snippet [options] <file>


    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -u, --username <username>  the user to authenticate as
    -p, --password <password>  the user's password
    -b, --browser              open the snippet in the system browser


  • Install Node.js and npm
  • Run npm install -g bitbucket-snippet
  • Run snippet --help or snippet some_file to upload it to Bitbucket.

Credential management

The first time you upload a file you will be prompted for your Bitbucket username and password. These will be used to retrieve an OAuth refresh token which is stored in ~/.bitbucket-snippet and used for subsequent requests. Treat this token carefully as it can be used to read and write snippets on your behalf.

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