Stand alone server designed to deliver communication from multiple services using redis
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$ cnpm install bentojs-socket 
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Start by cloning this repo to the location you want to run your socket server, once this is done go into the folder and run the following:

# Install socket core
$ npm install

To run the socket server run the following command:

# Start the socket server
$ REDIS=localhost:6379 API=localhost:8370 DEBUG=socket:* node run.js


To run the socket server in a docker container, open up your docker terminal and run the following commands:

$ docker pull bentojs/socket
$ docker run --name socket -e REDIS=localhost:6379 -e API=localhost:8370 -p 5000:5000 bentojs/socket

The following setting variables are available:

  • PORT What port to listen under.
  • REDIS The path to the redis server handling socket events.
  • API The path to the API where we register and authenticate socket_id for new connections.
  • ORIGINS A comma seperated origin list that is allowed access to the socket server.
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