Static demo site generator based on atool-build & dora.
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$ cnpm install atool-doc 
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Static demo generator based on atool-build and dora


├── examples
│   ├── a.js
│   ├── a.html
│   └──
└── statics
    └── data.json


├── __site
│   ├── common.js
│   ├── examples
│   │   ├── a.html
│   │   ├── a.js
│   │   ├── b.html
│   │   ├── b.js
│   ├── index.html
│   └── statics
│       └── data.json
└── examples
    ├── a.js
    ├── a.html


Online Demos


Local Demos

$ git clone
$ cd atool-doc && npm i
$ npm run doc

Then, visit



$ npm i atool-doc -g


  atool-doc          start server at for demo

  atool-doc [options]

    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -v, --version              output the version number
    --dest <dir>               config path of output dir, default __site
    --source <dir>             config path of demo files dir, default examples
    --asset <dir>              config path of static resource, default statics
    --tpl <path>               config path or name of tpl file
    --config <path>            config path of webpack.config, default webpack.config.js
    --port <number>            specify dora server port, default 8002
    --doraPlugins <name|file>  defines the plugins which should used with dora server, default proxy
    --build                    only build
    -w, --watch                using with --build, watch mode

How to write demo file

Use .js or .md files to write demo under the directory specified in source

  • md

.md is more powerful

Write the code of demo with a section of ## code, using language of js/jsx/javascript, css and html to customize css and dom

And then write other things you want at other sections, eg:


  • js

Without customizing dom, you can also work with the hook dom div#__exampleDom, placeholder in default template file, eg:



supported templates

atool-doc support several template file for different scenes:

  • github: github theme, default one

customize template

If the templates above can not meet your needs, just try writing a new one!

  • use atool-doc --tpl somewhere to specify your template file

  • write your template file with following variables available on the context of file

param decription format
meta meta info of each example file { name: 'something', someKey: 'someValue' }
link link of all demo files { demoName: 'demoPath' }
title file-path relative to source dir basic
filePath string of file-path examples/basic
resource kinds of path for resourceFile { name: 'basicNameAndExt', relativeToCwd: 'relativePathToCwd' }
script array of script-path need to insert into the html file ['../common.js', './basic.js']
html string of html element <div></div>
style string of style by css body { color: red; }
desc code of demo and other things written by markdown <h2>code</h2><div class="highlight"></div>
alias alias of each file, generating by meta.title see meta config

The template file only support syntax of ejs currently

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