Cross-platform console logging for Appcore apps.
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$ cnpm install appcore-log 
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Appcore Log

This plugin adds the log() method to an Appcore app. Under the hood, it uses debug, meaning it is both colorful and cross-platform compatible.


app.ready(function() {
	app.log("My app is ready!");

The plugin also adds some alternative logging methods in case you need to be more specific.

app.ready(function() {
	app.log.debug("A debug message.");"An info message.");
	app.log.warn("A warning.");
	app.log.error("An error.");

Using these methods instead of the generic log() method means you can filter out messages based on their level.

app.set("logLevel", "info"); // will only log info, warn and error messages

Note: This plugin will catch and log errors thrown by the application, instead of crashing the program like normal. Set logErrors to false before running the plugin to disable this feature.

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