Api REST generation by models
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$ cnpm install api-generation 
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API generation

#The project

This project, generate the backend Full API REST depending to models describe you in the config gile API_config.json This file is a json list of object wich contain three atributes, name of model, atributtes list of model and type list of the atributes. Each object is defined by the following code.


Only you need add the two news lines in your server.js

var express = require('express');
var mongoose = require('mongoose');

var bodyParser= require('body-parser');
var methodOverride= require('method-override');
var generateApis= require('api-generation');

var app= express();

mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/project', function(err) {  
            console.log('BD Connect');    

app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/app')); 

generateApis(app); //new line

var route = require('./route.js');
route(app);       //new line


The rest were longer necessary to use express.

This helps us to end the repetitive task of creating controllers for each model that we needed the apis and the module generate the all code for the API's of the models declared you in the file confing API_config.json the rest were longer necessary to use express.


  1. Download the project.
  2. Add api-generatio to package.json.
  3. Create the config file API_config.json and write yours models.


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