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$ cnpm install amp-toolbox-cli 
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AMP-Toolbox CLI

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The AMP Toolbox command line interface consists of a Node.js program called amp-toolbox-cli that can be run from a Windows, macOS, of UNIX-compatible command line environment. This way, AMP Toolbox can easily be integrated into a command line build process.

Supported commands:



Displays the help menu, listing all available commands:

$ ./amp-toolbox-cli help

Pass a command to get more information about this specific command

./amp-toolbox-cli help [command]


$ ./amp-toolbox help update-cache


Prints the current version


$ ./amp-toolbox version


Prints the current version of the AMP runtime.


$ ./amp-toolbox runtime-version

### update-cache

Uses the [AMP update-cache API]( to update documents stored in AMP Caches.

It requires the public and private keys to be generated, as [described on the documentation]( Only the private key is required to generate the cache invalidation URLs, but the public key must be made available to the AMP Caches, as described in the [guidelines](

By default, the application will look for the private key on a file called `privateKey.pem`, on the current working directory.

$ ./amp-toolbox-cli update-cache

Optionally, use the --privateKey parameter to specify the path for the private key.

$ ./amp-toolbox-cli update-cache --privateKey /path/to/private-key.pem

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