Interact with Forge API from the command line.
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Forge Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Forge Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to manage your Forge services. Using Forge CLI you can create, update, query and delete resources in your Forge account from the command line. Use Forge CLI to automate the build and deploy process of Forge depended services.

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Step Command Description
1 mkdir my-forge-da-app && cd my-forge-da-app Create the project directory
2 npm init Initialize npn in your directory
3 npm install adsk-forge-cli Install Forge CLI
4 Create a Forge app Get Forge app id and secret
5 node_modules/.bin/forge-cli configure -i [FORGE_ID] -s [FORGE_SECRET] Connect Forge CLI with your Forge app
6 node_modules/.bin/forge-cli generate Generate a Forge resources sample yaml
7 node_modules/.bin/forge-cli deploy Deploy resources to Forge


Usage: forge-cli [command] [options]

configure [options]

Set up User ID and Secret


-i, --id [value]       Optional Client ID
-s, --secret [value]   Optional Client Secret
-p, --profile [value]  Optional Profile Name (default is 'default')
-h, --help             output usage information


Generates a Forge resource yaml file where to add your resources


Apply the changes required to reach the desired state of the configuration as specified by the forge-resources.yml. This may include creating, updating, or deleting resources.


-p, --plan  Display a deploy plan without deploying anything

Plan Example:


  ~ steps-overkill
  + drawLine
  - steps-distil
  - oldDrawLine

In the above example steps-overkill will be updated, drawLine will be created and steps-distil and oldDrawLine will be deleted.

da [options]

Design Automation API commands


-h, --help         output usage information
-l, --list <type>  List the DA resources available in the Forge app according the specified type [activities]


-h, --help  output usage information

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