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AdonisJS Internalization

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:pray: This repository makes it easy to internationalize your AdonisJs applications.

AdonisJs Internalization is an addon to add support for multiple languages. It ships Views Helpers to format dates, numbers, string messages and currency.

Table of Contents


  • Has support for Intl and ICU Messaging Format
  • Ships with file and database drivers.
  • Ability to extend drivers.
  • Formatting for relative time, datetime, currency and numbers.
  • Auto detects user locale.
  • Support for named formats.


Installing AdonisJs Internalization (adonis-antl) is a pretty simple process.

Npm install

npm i --save adonis-antl

Setting up provider

Providers are defined inside bootstrap/app.js file.

const providers = [

Registering Aliases

Aliases are also defined inside bootstrap/app.js file.

const aliases = {
  Antl: 'Adonis/Addons/Antl',
  Formats: 'Adonis/Addons/AntlFormats'

That's all and you are good to go.


Configuration for adonis-antl is supposed to be merged inside config/app.js file. You can grab the sample configuration from examples


Once the installation process has been completed, you are good to make use of the Antl alias inside your app.

Using Locales

const Antl = use('Antl')

Antl.formatAmount('1000', 'USD') // return $1,000.00

// Runtime locale
Antl.for('fr').formatAmount('1000', 'USD') // return 1 000.00 $US

Official Documentation

Read more about drivers, formatting messages and available methods at official documentation

Contribution Guidelines

In favor of active development we accept contributions for everyone. You can contribute by submitting a bug, creating pull requests or even improving documentation.

You can find a complete guide to be followed strictly before submitting your pull requests in the Official Documentation.

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