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Extensible Dev Tools for Monorepos.

This is fork of the upstream nrwl/nx, for the purpose of maintaining and using proposed changes to Nx at Yolk before they are accepted by Nrwl.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to set up this repo for development.


In order to consume changes from this fork, it's necessary to rename packages in this repo and publish them under our npm scope @yolkai.

All packages in this repo have been renamed from @nrwl/<name> to @yolkai/nx-<name>.

In order to publish packages for consumption by another workspace, use the release script:

env GITHUB_TOKEN_RELEASE_IT_NX=<access_token> NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG=<user_config> yarn nx-release <version> [--dry-run]


  • <access_token> is a GitHub access token with access to this repository (generate one here)
  • <user_config> is the path to an .npmrc file containing an access token with permissions to publish packages under the @yolkai npm scope.
  • <version> is the intended release version.

Use --dry-run to perform all of the build steps required for publishing, without actually publishing packages.

For example:

env GITHUB_TOKEN_RELEASE_IT_NX=415819xxxx NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG=$HOME/.npmrc yarn nx-release 8.10.0-alpha.0

The above command will build all packages, create a GitHub tag and release, then publish all packages to npm.

Proposing changes to upstream

First make sure you have added the upstream remote:

git remote add upstream https://github.com/nrwl/nx.git

Branch off of master and make your changes.

When you're ready to make a pull request, fetch upstream commits, then rebase your feature branch commits onto upstream/master:

git fetch upstream
git rebase --onto upstream/master master

This effectively applies only your feature branch commits onto the upstream master branch, so that commits like 0cd9c4 aren't included in a pull request.

Then push your feature branch and make a pull request against nrwl/nx:


Updating from upstream

Periodically, we need to update this repository with upstream changes:

# Check out master and make sure it's up to date:
git checkout master
git pull

# Pull in changes from upstream:
git pull upstream master

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