Useful general purpose datatypes with TypeScript support
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$ cnpm install @verticalstrategy/datatypes 
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Datatypes for TypeScript

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Additional datatypes for JavaScript.


This module provides useful types that are a common in of other programming languages, but are not included in core JavaScript/TypeScript.


 yarn add @verticalstrategy/datatypes


Type Description Documentation
Option Represent an optional value Introduction / API
Result Represent a result or an error Introduction / API


Interface Description
ToPlain Classes that can export to a JSON-able JS type
FromPlain Classes that can import from a JSON-able JS type
Lazy Represents a lazy-loadable type

Implementation in other languages

You may be familiar with some of the content of this module. Here are some analogs in other Programming Languages:

Language Other Name Equivalent to Reference
Swift Optional Option Swift docs
Rust Option Option Rust docs
Rust Result Result Rust docs
C# Nullable Option C# docs
F# Option Option F# docs
F# Result Result F# docs


Contributions are always welcome in form of pull requests. Discussion or bug reports are created by opening new issues.

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