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Twist Configuration

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Configuration of Twist repos - this reads the configuration from .twistrc. This is used for configuring Babel.


Note: Most users will not use @twist/configuration directly, but will instead include a plugin for the build system and framework that they're targeting - for example @twist/react-webpack-plugin. This internally uses Twist configuration.

Usage with Babel:

let TwistConfiguration = require('@twist/configuration');
var config = new TwistConfiguration('node', options);

babel.transform(code, config.babelOptions);

By default, TwistConfiguration will read the options in the .twistrc file in the current working directory (or .twistrc.js if it's a JavaScript file). You can specify a different location via the root option. Any options you pass in override the .twistrc options.



About Twist

Twist is a state-management library for JavaScript applications. It's influenced by Redux and MobX, which are two of the popular state-management libraries for React.

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