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Pluggable Basic Auth functionality for turbo-http based servers

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Getting Started

const check = require('@turbo-tools/basic-auth')

check(request, response, arrayWithUserPasswordPairsOrCallback)

Get the basic auth credentials from the given request. The Authorization header is parsed and if the header is invalid, false is returned. It also sets the WWW-Authenticate header to Basic realm="example" by default.


const check = require('@turbo-tools/basic-auth')
const isValid = check(request, response, [['user1', 'pass1'], ['user2', 'pass2']])
// if an `Authorization` is given, it checks for every combination in the array given,
// if it finds a matching pair, it returns true, otherwise false

With turbo-http server

const http = require('turbo-http')
const check = require('@turbo-tools/basic-auth')
// in production environments, use something like tsscmp
// to prevent short-circut and use timing-safe compare
const compare = require('tsscmp')

// Create server
const server = http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  const isValid = check(req, res, function (credentials) {
    let valid = true
    // Simple method to prevent short-circut and use timing-safe compare
    valid = compare(name, 'john') && valid
    valid = compare(pass, 'secret') && valid
    return valid

  // Check if auth has been successfull & respond accordingly
  if (!isValid) {
    const denied = 'Access denied'
    res.statusCode = 401
    res.setHeader('Content-Length', denied.length)
  } else {
    const granted = 'Access granted'
    res.statusCode = 200
    res.setHeader('Content-Length', granted.length)

// Listen


npm install @turbo-tools/basic-auth --save

Running the tests

All tests are contained in the test.js file, and written using Jest

Run them:

npm test

If you´d like to get the coverage data in addition to runnign the tests, use:

npm run test-coverage

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