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$ cnpm install @sugarcrm/gulp-jsdoc3 
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jsdoc plugin for gulp


Install gulp-jsdoc as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev @sugarcrm/gulp-jsdoc3


var jsdoc = require('gulp-jsdoc3');

gulp.task('doc', function (cb) {
    gulp.src(['README.md', './src/**/*.js'], {read: false})

You can also pass in your own config to override the defaults. All CLI options can be specified here.

var jsdoc = require('gulp-jsdoc3');

gulp.task('doc', function (cb) {
    var config = require('./jsdoc.json');
    gulp.src(['README.md', './src/**/*.js'], {read: false})
        .pipe(jsdoc(config, cb));

Another good example is in this project's gulpfile!

Overriding the default layout

ink-docstrap is used as the default layout but you can easily override it in your config like this:

    "templates": {
        "default": {
            // Set my own layout file
            "layoutFile": "./layout.tmpl"


Set env variable: DEBUG=gulp-jsdoc3


This is a reasonable attempt to wrap jsdoc using gulp as thinly as possible. All files are added after the cli. i.e. jsdoc -c config -t node_modules/ink-docstrap/template gulpFile1 gulpFile2
jsdoc does not allow for piped input, so this attempt may be considered a gulp anti-pattern. It also does not pass on output to be piped elsewhere.

I would like to thank Mangled Deutz @ gulp-jsdoc for the original implementation.


Apache-2.0 License

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