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Github Import

Known Vulnerabilities

Imports projects from Github repos since a given date.

Note: This module is a proof of concept for how you can use the Snyk import API. We hope to roll the findings from this module into the Snyk website eventually, so consider this a work in progress.


To use this tool you must first set an environment variable SNYK_TOKEN with your API key, as found at https://app.snyk.io/account.


You can install this globally by running:

npm install -g @snyk/github-import

You can find usage instructions by running:

snyk-github-import --help


To find out the available arguments, type the following command:

snyk-github-import --help

To import all repos modified in the last day (since the beginning of the day, yesterday) you can run the following command:

snyk-github-import --orgId=<orgId> --integrationId=<integrationId> --githubToken=<githubToken> --githubUrl=<baseUrl>

To import all repos for a specific GitHub organisation you can run the following command:

snyk-github-import --orgId=<orgId> --integrationId=<integrationId> --githubToken=<githubToken> --githubUrl=<baseUrl> --githubOrg=<githubOrgName>

If you wish to expand the number of days, you can specify with the days argument:

snyk-github-import --orgId=<orgId> --integrationId=<integrationId> --githubToken=<githubToken> --githubUrl=<baseUrl> --days=<number>

To import all repos modified since a specific dateTime (in the ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ) you can run the following command:

snyk-github-import --orgId=<orgId> --integrationId=<integrationId> --githubToken=<githubToken> --githubUrl=<baseUrl> --since=<dateTime>

We recommend setting up a cron job to run this script daily at most.

  • You can retrieve your orgId from your org settings page on Snyk or via the Snyk API.
  • The integrationId is available via the integration settings page.
  • You can generate a token for access to the GitHub API from your Personal access tokens page.
  • The Github URL is only required for Github Server instances and is the base URL that your GitHub Server is available at.

How this works

When you run snyk-github-import, it retrieves all repos that were modified since the date you specify (defaults to 1 day). It then calls the Snyk import API with those repos, which will attempt to import projects from the given repos. If any new target files are found in these repos, this will result in a new project being created.

Please note that this will trigger a retest of any projects that were already imported.

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