Replace strings in files while bundling
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$ cnpm install @rollup/plugin-replace 
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???? A Rollup plugin which replaces strings in files while bundling.


This plugin requires an LTS Node version (v8.0.0+) and Rollup v1.20.0+.


Using npm:

npm install @rollup/plugin-replace --save-dev


Create a rollup.config.js configuration file and import the plugin:

import replace from '@rollup/plugin-replace';

export default {
  input: 'src/index.js',
  output: {
    dir: 'output',
    format: 'cjs'
  plugins: [replace({ __buildEnv__: 'production' })]

Then call rollup either via the CLI or the API.

The configuration above will replace every instance of __buildEnv__ with 'production' in any file included in the build. Note: Values should always be strings. For complex values, use JSON.stringify.

Typically, @rollup/plugin-replace should be placed in plugins before other plugins so that they may apply optimizations, such as dead code removal.


In addition to the properties and values specified for replacement, users may also specify the options below.


Type: Array[String, String] Default: ['\b', '\b']

Specifies the boundaries around which strings will be replaced. By default, delimiters are word boundaries. See Word Boundaries below for more information.


Type: String | Array[...String] Default: null

A minimatch pattern, or array of patterns, which specifies the files in the build the plugin should ignore. By default no files are ignored.


Type: String | Array(String) Default: null

A minimatch pattern, or array of patterns, which specifies the files in the build the plugin should operate on. By default all files are targeted.

Word Boundaries

By default, values will only match if they are surrounded by word boundaries.

Consider the following options and build file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [replace({ changed: 'replaced' })]
// file.js

The result would be:

// file.js

To ignore word boundaries and replace every instance of the string, wherever it may be, specify empty strings as delimiters:

export default {
  plugins: [
      changed: 'replaced',
      delimiters: ['', '']




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