Rollup plugin for Alfred.
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$ cnpm install @robin-framework/alfred-rollup 
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alfred-rollup npm

Rollup plugin for alfred.


$ npm install --save-dev @robin-framework/alfred-rollup


exports.scripts = async function (task) {
  await task.source('test/**/*.js').rollup({
    inline: true,
    transforms: {
      arrow: true,
      modules: false,
      dangerousForOf: true



To view all Rollup options, visit its documentation. The format is similar in structure to rollup config files.

Multiple inputs are not supported The API is designed this way on purpose to avoid file conflicts (files being overwritten). Use mutiple tasks to accomplish this.

This plugin includes two additional shorthands to pass options:


Type: String
Default: cjs
If true, will append an internal sourcemap (data URI) to the file's contents instead of an external link (default). Also will not create a new *.js.map file. Requires that options.sourceMap to remain true.


Type: Object
Default: { output: { format: 'cjs' } }
The default format is cjs. When no output.file is defined, the default is the file name. When multiple outputs are defined and but no output.file, output name defaults to sourcename + format suffix, to avoid files being overwritten.


Type: Object|Array
Default: { format: 'cjs'}
Output options are similar to the rollup output options.


Any issues or questions can be sent to the Alfred monorepo.

Please be sure to specify that you are using @alfred/rollup.


MIT © Terkel Gjervig

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