NOIA Node core.
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$ cnpm install @noia-network/node 
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You would normally want to use noia-node-gui or noia-node-terminal.


module description
noia-node core noia node (this module)
noia-node-contents-client used to manage contents for noia-node
*noia-node-gui node graphical user interface
*noia-node-terminal headless (terminal) node

* - example modules how to use noia-node internally and create headless or node with GUI.

Sample code

console.log("[NODE]: Initializing...")
// Initialize node with default values
const node = new Node({
  settingsPath: "settings.json",
  ssl: true,
  privateKeyPath: "path/to/private.key",
  crtPath: "path/to/crt.cert",
  crtBundlePath: "path/to/crt-bundle.cert",
  // One option for test purposes is to use https://ropsten.infura.io infrastructure.
  walletProviderUrl: "https://example-wallet-provider.io/API_KEY"
console.log("[NODE]: initialized.")

// Setters take effect after restart
// node.setStorageSpace('/path/to/storage',