Isomorphic web app boilerplate (Node.js, Express, GraphQL, React.js, Babel, PostCSS, Webpack, Browsersync)
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$ cnpm install @kutaloweb/merng 
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MERNG is an extended Kriasoft's scaffolding tool which makes it easy to build universal apps using Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS and GraphQL. It minimises the setup time and gets you up to speed using proven technologies.

Try it out here: https://merng.kutaloweb.rocks

Play with GraphQL here: https://merng.kutaloweb.rocks/graphql

mutation {
    email: "testuser1@gmail.com"
    password: "111111"
) {
    user {
query {
  databaseGetAllUsers {

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local Linux or Mac OS X machine

Please make sure your MongoDB is running


Move to your web projects directory and clone the application using Git

cd /var/www/html
git clone https://github.com/kutaloweb/merng

Move to application directory

cd merng

Install the application dependencies

npm install

Execute the NPM script

npm run start


Start app with process manager PM2 (you might have to change the path and the mode in start.sh)

pm2 start start.sh --name merng


As an open project, I welcome contributions from everybody. Please, feel free to fork the repository and submit pull requests


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

Premium Support

Want help with implementation or new features? Start a conversation with me: kutalo84@gmail.com

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