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$ cnpm install @keupoz/buildtools 
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This is my personal package used to build web projects and Node.js libraries. But you are free to use it for your purposes


Install with npm:

npm i -D @keupoz/buildtools

... and use it in your build script, e.g. gulpfile.js:

import { Rollup, RollupPlugins as RP } from "@keupoz/buildtools";

const rollup = new Rollup({
  // ...
  // here goes rollup config which is directly used by rollup
  // ...
  // plugins example
  plugins: [

// Bundle your project

Common bundlers API

All bundlers have similar constructor syntax:

new Bundler(config, watch, autobundle);
  • config - usually goes directly to wrapped bundler
  • watch - should bundler watch for changes?
  • autobundle - automatically run bundler on changes

Assets bundler

Just copies assets folder Import:

import { Assets } from "@keupoz/buildtools";


const assets_config = {
  inputDir: "src/assets",
  outputDir: "dest/assets"

Pug bundler

Compiles pug files. Supports only one file as the package is supposed to be used to build SPA Import:

import { Pug } from "@keupoz/buildtools";

Config: see https://github.com/pugjs/pug#options Config is also extended by 1 option output that specifies output file name

Sass bundler

Compiles sass files Import:

import { Sass } from "@keupoz/buildtools";

Config: see https://sass-lang.com/documentation/js-api#options

Rollup bundler

Compiles JavaScript using Rollup. Multiple outputs supported. But multiple input configs AREN'T supported, use different instances Import:

// Import bundler
import { Rollup } from "@keupoz/buildtools";
// Import plugins getter
import { RollupPlugins } from "@keupoz/buildtools";

Config: see https://rollupjs.org/guide/en/#big-list-of-options


Helps getting rollup plugins Usage:

// Plugin name is its name without `rollup-plugin-`
// `actuallyGet` specifies do actually get the plugin. Useful with `isProduction` constant
// `builtIn` specifies do use built-in plugins. Currently there is only one: `uglify`
RP.get(pluginName, actuallyGet, builtIn);

Task wrapper

There is helpful function that wraps your functions into Gulp tasks so it will log pretty messages on calling them Usage:

import { setSeriesFunction, task } from "@keupoz/buildtools";
import { series } from "gulp";

// Set series function. This made to decrease dependencies

const bundlerTask = task("task_name", () => bundler.bundle());


Useful in dev build in watch task. Registers bundlers and stops watchers and ends watch task on close Usage:

import { GulpHelper } from "@keupoz/buildtools";

const HELPER = new GulpHelper();

function watch (done: () => void) {
    // does what it says
    // this callback is used when `.close` is called

    // Register bundler
    // .add(bundlerInstance, taskFunction)
    .add(BUILD.assets, assets)
    .add(BUILD.pug,    html)
    .add(BUILD.sass,   css)
    .add(BUILD.rollup, js);

  let bs = bs_create().init({
    server: "dest",
    files: "dest/**/*"

  process.on("SIGINT", () => {
    console.log("Stopping watchers...");

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