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$ cnpm install @jasonmorganson/pack 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


A tool to sync local package.json files from a master one

Automatically configures a package.json file from another. This is allows you to keep a master copy of a package.json file and keep other package.json files in sync with it. This helps with keeping package.json files consistent accross multiple projects.


Include a .packrc file in the same directory as the package.json you want to sync. The file can be in JSON or INI format. See node-config for other ways to specify the config file.


The .packrc file tells pack where to pull the master package.json file from. It can come from either a published npm module or a Github repository.


Specify any npm modules in the npm registry:

    "npm": "npi"

Scoped modules also work:

    "npm": "@jasonmorganson/wp"


Specify a Github repository:

    "github": "jasonmorganson/npi"

Github urls also work:

    "github": "https://github.com/jasonmorganson/npi"


You can also set a whitelist in the config file. An keys in the whitelist array will be merged from the master file. If a key is not in the whitelist it will not be included.

    "npm": "npi",
    "whitelist": [

| Default: ["scripts"]


You can also set a blacklist in the config file. An keys in the blacklist array will NOT be merged from the master file. This is applied only to the whitelisted keys, if a key is not in the whitelist then it will not be included at all.

    "npm": "npi",
    "blacklist": [

| Default: |[ | "name", | "description", | "keywords", | "version", | "homepage", | "repository", | "bugs", | "bin", | "main", | "dist", | "directories", | "dependencies", | "devDependencies", | "peerDependencies" |]


npx @jasonmorganson/pack

This will update the package.json in the directory its run in with the properties from the master package.json file.

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