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$ cnpm install @innowell/daisy 
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d a i s y


Daisy is the Innowell Design System,
where all the company design assets can be found and used

Version details: v.0.0.x

  • This first version of the daisy DS, will be a replica of the UI Components and the theme logic that we have at the moment in the platform.

  • All the imported files will have Legacy Notes to share information about the status of the component [What's Missing | How to improve it | Tests]

  • All the Refactor, Improvements, Scalable discussion will be taken after daisy v.0.1.0 will be completed:

    • Import all the component in the daisy package
    • Export daisy package into the platform and consume the components


Install the node modules

yarn install

Run the development server

yarn start

Run unit tests

yarn test

Run cypress tests

yarn cypress:run

Run lib build

yarn build:package

Run website build

yarn build:website

Run GCP bucket update Manually (deploy website)

yarn gcp:rsync

Integrating with Platform during local development

The Platform codebase will consume Daisy components via the build export files, not the raw source. If you want to test local changes to Daisy in the Platform before publishing a new version, there is a little bit of setup work required.

  1. Install the yalc package globally:
npm install -g yalc


yarn global add yalc
  1. In your local platform directory, set up the daisy package to be linked to local development:
yalc link @innowell/daisy
  1. In your local daisy directory, run the build in watch mode with an extra environment variable:
USE_YALC=1 yarn build -w

This will automatically push the compiled export files into your platform directory's node_modules, triggering a rebuild of the platform code.

NOTE: We're deliberately not using npm link or yarn link, as they cause compilation failures in the platform webpack build.

To undo the local linking once you've finished development, run these commands in your platform directory:

yalc remove @innowell/daisy
yarn install


  • [x] Fix themes on the App
  • [x] Create pages
  • [x] Publish on NPM
  • [ ] Themefication [ Individual | Clinician ]
  • [ ] Publish on NPM via Bamboo
  • [ ] Import first component into platform

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