Standard formats as @iarna likes it.
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$ cnpm install @iarna/standard 
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Standard formats as @iarna likes it.


$ npm i -D @iarna/standard
$ npx iarna-standard

In package.json...

"scripts": {
  "pretest": "iarna-standard"


Sooo, I mostly like Standard, except some of the rules drive me bonkers. So for my personal projects I worked up a .eslint config that did what I wanted. This is all that bundled up as an extension to standard. Many many thanks to @feross and friends for making standard so easy to extend.


It tests for a Node.js environment specifically:

  • No ESM, script mode only
  • No jsx

It disables some standard rules that produce results I find objectionable:

  • indent - I mostly like this, but there are times where it does the wrong thing and it's insufficiently configurable to correct that w/o patching. Maybe I'll make my own version someday but for today... disabling it is fine. I don't, as rule, screw up my indentation. =p
  • no-return-assign - Assigning in return values is really weird... except when using _ => abc = _ and yes, I could use _ => { abc = _ } but I don't wanna. And assigning in return otherwise may be weird, but it isn't likely to hide a bug.
  • object-curly-spacing - Enabled in standard@12 it sets all my code on fire.

It enables all of the eslint recommended rules. But it disables some those that I find objectionable, specifically:

  • no-console - Is not great in primarily cli/server-side code.

It enables some assertions that standard doesn't:

  • no-prototype-builtins - Disallow calling Object.prototype methods directly
  • array-callback-return - Enforce using return in builtin callbacks when needed
  • no-implicit-coercion - Disallow implicit conversions, eg !!foo use Boolean(foo) instead.
  • The node recommended assertions.

It adds some more plugins:

  • security We use the recommended settings for disbling...
    • detect-object-injection - This isn't an issue i node land and has too many false positives.
  • dependencies
    • case-sensitive - Make sure we don't screw ourselves when using Linux.
    • no-unresolved - Deps must exist.
    • require-json-ext - If you require json, be explicit.
  • unicorn
    • catch-error-name - Exceptions should be caught as err so other assertions can tell if they're unused
    • filename-case - kebab-case is the only case. camelCase in filename is definitely baad.
    • explicit-length-check - no checking truthyness of array.length
    • no-abusive-eslint-disable - stop eslint being disabled for an entire file
    • throw-new-error - when constructing and throwing built in errors, use new
    • number-literal-case - when constructing hex and other literals, use lowercase for the middle part, caps for the latter part, eg 0xBADC0FFEE
    • escape-case - same as above, but for string escapes, eg '\uD834'
    • no-array-instanceof - use Array.isArray for array identity
    • no-hex-escape - no '\x1b' use '\u001b' instead
    • custom-error-definition - some common sense around custom Error classes
    • prefer-starts-ends-with - use startsWith and endsWith string methods where possible in pref to regexp
    • prefer-type-error - enforce use of TypeError over Error where appropriate
    • regex-shorthand - enforce use of regexp character classes when available

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