A CLI extension for support-notes
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$ cnpm install @heroku/support-notes 
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An extension for support-notes via the CLI

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Install via npm

To install the Support notes plugin via npm you need to have access to the Heroku npm org. To do so:

  1. Install the Heroku CLI
  2. Then run heroku plugins:install @heroku/support-notes:
$ heroku plugins:install @heroku/support-notes
running command...
$ heroku notes --help [COMMAND]
  $ heroku notes:COMMAND

Environment variables

Set the NOTES_API environment variable to control the endpoint used (defaults to production, staging is https://support-notes-staging.herokuapp.com)


heroku notes

Show notes available to the current user

  $ heroku notes

  -c, --count=count  [default: 10] Count of notes to return

See code: src/commands/notes/index.ts

heroku notes:create

Create a new note

  $ heroku notes:create

See code: src/commands/notes/create.ts

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