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Open Player is an open source player to make video streaming easier !

Why an open player

The idea behind the Open Player project is to provide an easy-to-implement HTML5 player to everyone wanting to include a high quality video experience in their website.

It is indeed difficult to build and maintain a HTML5 player, especially if you don't wanna dive into the MSE / EME specification.

Current browsers are always adding improvements / modifications to the behavior of the video element. This project is made to abstract all the browsers specificities and provide you a simple API to include a player in your website.


We will use the rx-player project for the MSE/EME part. This allows us to play MP4 / Smooth / Dash content on the main used browsers. All you need is the video resources.

For the ui, we will use the material-ui package for react. Thanks to this package, we will be able to have a general material design ui. We believe that the UI guidelines inspired by google are perfect for a sober and easy-to-integrate player. We will provide a way to setup the main color of the player to fit your own design.

Work In Progress

This package is still a work in progress. However, do not hesitate to tell us what you think even if the project is not yet ready to be used.

You can however checkout the live demo here to see the progress we make !

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