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$ cnpm install @ftchinese/ftc-share 
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FTC Social Share Component

Version 4.0 is a breaking change from previous relsease. In this version JS is no longer relied on. Instead, we try to built everything static.


In your nunjucks setting, add a search path $CWD/node_modules/@ftchinese.

Simple way

Then include a template file {% include "ftc-share/dist/o-share.html" %}. In the render context provide a field share (See below the data strcuture).

Done. The included partial file has already inlined CSS and JS assets. And the JS function has already been initialized.

Manual way

If you prefer to build assets yourself, then include template file {% inlcude "ftc-share/views/partials/o-share.html" %}. Provide a field share the same way above.

Import main.js and main.scss. How you import them depends on you build/bundl tools.

For JS you have to initialize it: new Share()

For SCSS, you have to set $o-share-is-silent: false before importing main.scss.

share data

In the data to render nunjucks template, specify a field share:

share: {
  inverse: true | false,
  title: encodeURIComponent("Article tile to show"),
  url: encodeURIComponent("http://interactive.ftchinese.com/components/ftc-share.html"),
  summary: encodeURIComponent("A short summary of the content to share")

Custom Template

The nunjuck template you include from this module provide social platforms of wechat, weibo, linkedin, facebook, twitter. If you do not want ot show all of them, you can generate your own partial files. In a node.js file:

const { resolve } = require('path');
const Share = require('ftc-share');
const share = new Share(['wechat', 'weibo']);
// this will generate an HTML-only template
  .catch(err => {
// this will generate the template with inlined css and js
  .catch(err => {

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